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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2008.6.4.189

Reflection 2008: The State of Science, Religion and Consciousness

Huping Hu


2008 is a year in which the world’s economical, financial and even political systems are going through unprecedented turmoil and earth-shaking transformations. Yet, it seems that nothing has changed in Science except that many scientists are sadly loosing there jobs and/or funding. Religion also seems to be stagnant with the exceptions that various hastened prophecies of 2012 are flourishing and charitable contributions are in drastic declines. Under these historical, uncertain, sad but hopeful circumstances, it is appropriate and even urgent that we further reflect on the state of Science and Religion. It is also appropriate that we reflect on the state of consciousness research because our state of consciousness is the catalyst for the transformation of humanity at the dawn of 2012 and the missing link on the pass to truth.


Reflection 2008: The State of Science, Religion and Consciousness

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