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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2019.17.4.2074

Life and Consciousness are Guided by a Semi-Harmonic EM Background Field

Dirk K.F. Meijer, Geesink Hans


Quantum entangled life conditions and graded states of consciousness in the universe are scale invariant and are guided by a quantum wave meta-language in a superfluid quantum space/ zero-point energy field that is instrumental in creating quantum coherent states through pilot wave resonant connectivity. This interacting dynamic EM field is steering life processes through semi- harmonic tuning of fractal structured water and vibrating macro-molecules such as DNA and hydrated proteins in the cell, including several cell types in the human brain. Consciousness is seen as arising through interaction of life systems with a holographic, field-receptive workspace, that is associated with the brain as a global supervening memory horizon, that is organized through toroidal geometry. Implications for a better understanding of the creation of first life, crucial coherent states in quantum biology, the impact of biofield research and the importance of information in the fabric of reality are discussed. This knowledge can be applied in improving high temperature superconductive properties and the dedicated design of innovative technology for the protection against the potential detrimental effects of EMF in our present world. Our studies show a consistent pattern of discrete EMF frequencies in a wide spectrum of animate and non-animate systems, indicating that a previously unknown biophysical principle seems to be revealed.


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