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Volume 20, No 17 (2022)

Table of Contents

Liposomes Used In The Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Monika S Mahadik, Dr V Chitra


Marketing Authorization Of Medical Device De Novo For USFDA

R Kamaraj, Archana Panigrahi, Dr. Abimanyu Sugumaran


Evaluation of Anti- Convulsant Activity of Olivetol on Ptz Induced Seizure Model

Divya B1, Narayanan J, V. Chitra, T. Tamilanban


Herbal Product Regulation and Development in India

Nanbban R, R Kamaraj


Compliance With Regulatory Requirements And Their Implementation Regarding The Storing And Distribution Of Pharmaceuticals In India, Us And Eu.

Praveen Kumar S, R Kamaraj


A Systematic Review Of The Preclinical Research On The Use Of Seaweeds In The Treatment Of Liver Disease

Varsha Gomathinayagam, Sumithra Mohan, Chitra Vellapandian


Investigating the Role of Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs) In High Fat Diet-Induced Sarcopenic Rats Associated Muscle Wasting

Priyanka Prajapati, Anand Kumar, Areesh Zehra, and Sapana Kushwaha


Role Of Pi3k/Akt/Mtor Pathways Behind Pathogenesis Of Skin Cancer: A Brief Review

Soumya Rakshit, Dr. V. Chitra


Clinical Developmental Studies On CGRP And Monoclonal Antibodies In The Diagnosis Of Anti-Migraine Treatment

Sedhu Raagavan Sarkgunan, Chitra Vellapandian


Experimental Set Up On Portable Refrigerator Air Compressor Used In Automobile

Chandresh J. Saresa and Dr. Gurmeet Singh & Dr. Harjot Gill