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Volume 20, No 14 (2022)

Table of Contents

Sample And Hold Circuit Design Using Double Sampling Without Op Amp

Ritesh Gupta, R. S. Gamad


MRI Brain Tumor Classification Using Computational Intelligence Technique

T. Anitha, T. Kalaiselvi


Assessment Of Grounding As A Therapeutic Technique For Pain Management: A Review

Anisha khan, Dr. Ashok kumar singh, Mohammed Shoaib, Dr. Varun Singh, Dr. Rachna


Precedence Of MRI Spinal Pathology and Etiology In Between 20-40 years of Age Group

Sana Kanwal, Dr. Rachna, Dr. Poonam Dimri


Review Article On Current Trends In Mental Health Advocacy And Practice

Dinesh Kumar, Imran Khan, Blessing Nimasajai XS, Niharika Tiwari, Neha Kakran, Shivani Sharma, Natasha Verma, Sheetal Singh, Manju Rajput, Garima Rohilla


Autologous Marrow Instillation Outcome In Delayed Union And Non Union Of Long Bones In Patients With Comorbodities

Dr Rishi kaushal, Dr Manas shrivastava, Dr krishnkant nema, Dr Shivvir singh, Dr Mustafa Johar


The Relation Between Hate Speech Behavior On Social Media And The Parenting Patterns Among Teenagers Social Media User

Endah Sari Purbaningsih, Citra Setyo Dwi Andhini, Yanti Susan, Ika Nurfajriani, Sri Nurcahyati


Effect Of Medicine And Diet On Patients With Thyroid Disorder

Madhu Bharti, Dr. Ruchi Kant


A Holistic Approach on Phytochemical & Pharmacological Activities of Croton Bonplandianum (Euphorbiaceae): Nature Genesis

Subhadip Bhowmik, Debajit Dewan, Parag Ghosh, Rishov Singha, Ankita Bairagi, Susobhan Mondal, Anjushree Purkait, Kunal Bera, Soumyadip Halder, Nilesh Naska


Aphakic Refraction Method – A Novel Approach

Dr Chandana Kakati, Dr Sewali Das