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Volume 20, No 14 (2022)

Table of Contents

Impact of AI Applications in Public Sector Services

Thisara Weerasinghe, Md Gapar Md Johar, Ali Khatibi


Performance Based Study: RLG Based Decoder For qALU Using QCA Designer Tool

Dr. Rajinder Tiwari


Assessment Of Prevalence, Risk Factors, Severity Of Insomnia & Related Quality Of Life In Anantapur District Of Andhra Pradesh-A Cross Sectional Survey.

Debaraj Roy, Varidela Kavitha, Gandhodi Chandra Manasa, S.M.G Ishrar


Analysis of Nonlinear Non-Stationary BioSignals of the Adults Who Are Deaf Using Hilbert–Huang Transform

Shirly G, Jerritta S


Online Educating System and Musculoskeletal Issues in Students: A Concern

Dr. Vishesh Singhal, Dr. Barkha khurana, Dr. Sumedha Bhatia, Dr Amit Gupta, Dr. Stuti Mittal, Dr. Haritri Bisht, Dr Monicapreet Kaur


Impact of Time Management Program on Emotional Intelligence With Regard To Academic Performance in Nursing Students

Juby Mary Chacko, Achamma Varghese, Nirmala Rajesh


Health Care Monitoring And Predictive Analytics System Employing IOT

Lithesh V S, Krishna Prasad S J, Puttaboregowda B, Mohana Kumar S


Inspection for Precision Alignment of the piston Assembly used in the Upgradation of a Diesel Fired Engine Aimed for Increasing Efficiency

R. Divagar, R. Raveena, PR Lakshminarayanan


Transformerless Interfacing Of Renewable Sources To Grid Using Hybrid Technique

Gagandeep Khajuria, Pooja Sharma, Dr.Rakesh Dhiman


Early Detection Of Parkinson’s Disease In Patients From Gait Dataset Using Soft Voting And Stacking Classifier

Vishal Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar