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Volume 20, No 13 (2022)

Table of Contents

In Vitro Hypoglycemic Effects Of Black Seed (Nigella Sativa)

Fahad Saad Alhodieb


COVID-19 And Higher Education: An Empirical Study On Changed Behavior Of Students

Dr. Ram Pravesh, Dr. Ahmad Tasnim Sidiqui, Mrs. Manisha Srivastava, Ms. Palak Srivastava, Mrs. Arti Das


Health Issues Associated With Increased Smart Phone Usage Among Students During Covid-19 Pandemic Wave 2.0 In India

Guruprakash Raja, Shajiv Jeyaraj, Ramalingam Kameswaran


Advocating Mother Tongue during Formative Stages of Education: The Way Ahead for Optimizing NEP (2020) in India

Dr. Ritu Bakshi


Impact Of Toxic Leadership In Indian Schools - Psychological Distress Of Senior Secondary Students

Priyanka S, Keerti Shukla


Managing Organization Culture And Its Impact On Employee Performance

Dr. Harisha B S, Dr. Dharmananda M, Dr. Lakshmi H


Consumer’s Psychology And Buying Behavior; Colour, Branding And Packaging As Influencing Parameters

Dr. Dharmananda M, Dr. Anjali Ganesh, Dr. Lakshmi H, Dr. Harisha B S


Consumer Intention To Use Mobile Payment Post COVID 19: An Empirical Study In Bangalore

Dr.Lakshmi H, Dr.Dharmananda M, Dr.Harisha B S


Work From Home And Its Effects On Employee Well-Being And Job Satisfaction

Dr.Shilpa Ajay, Dr.Lakshmi H


Reproduction Performance Of Female Swamp Buffalo Reared By Smallholder Farmers In Napu And Lindu Plains, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Abdullah Naser, Rusdin, Marsetyo