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Volume 20, No 13 (2022)

Table of Contents

Role of cGMP, NO and PDE5 in Hypertension: Review Article

Azeeza Gassim Abdulmajid Eswikar, Eman Abdalla Mohamed El-shorbagy, Mohamed S. S. Saad, Mahmoud Hassan Mahmoud


Working Conditions Of The Nursing Professional, Its Influence On The Quality Of Care In Times Of Covid-19 In A Hospital In Ecuador

Esthela Guerrero, Lourdes Paucar, Aracely Paredes


Response Of Stevia Yield And Stevioside Content To Planting Distance Phosphorus And Nitrogen Fertilization With Foliar Application

Abdo .H. Sebai, E. H. Fayed, M. E. Saleh


Effect Of Agitation Of Salvadora Persica Extract And Sodium Hypochlorite Final Irrigating Solutions With Er,Cr:YSGG-Laser Using Radial-Firing Tips On Removal Of Smear Layer: A Scanning Electron Microscopic Evaluation

Latif Mohamed Abdelgawad, Hebatallah Hamed Anis, Engy M. Kataia, Ghada Salem


Tuning Fork Test As An Audiological Assessment Tool In Rural Areas Of India

Dr. Navin Agrawal, Dr. Vishal Hansrajani, Dr. Anand Sharma, Dr. Shivam Narang, Dr. Purvi Aswani, Dr. Madhvi Maheshwari, Dr. Stuti Saraswat, Dr. Akshita Bhargava


Vallecular Cyst: Often A Diagnosis – Case Report

Dr. Navin Agrawal, Dr. Vishal Hansrajani , Dr. Anand Sharma, Dr. Shivam Narang , Dr. Rishi Mahor, Dr. Rohit Maheshwari


A Comparative Study of Outcomes in Endoscopic and Microscopic Type-1 Tympanoplasty for Tubotympanic CSOM

Dr. Navin Agrawal, Dr. S.K. Gupta, Dr. Chhavi Agrawal, Dr. Urvashi Singh, Dr. Raksha Wadhwani, Dr. Sonakshi Kapoor, Dr. Akshita Bhargav


Evaluation Of Dexamethasone As An Adjuvant In Post-Operative Analgesia In Laparoscopic Upper Abdominal Surgeries

Dr Riza Mohsin Shah, Dr Saba Ahad, Dr Mohamad Ommid, Dr Priyanka Thakur, Dr Afnan Iqbal, Dr Farhana Bashir


A Study Of The Literature On Management Strategies For Radiology Services

Dr. Mohd Arfat, Akanksha Singh, Fauzia Khan, Himanshu Mishra, Pushpendra Kumar Rajput, Viswanath Pratap Singh, Tanika Chaturvedi, Kusum Mishra, Neelam Rao Bharti, Bhawna Solanki


The Impact Of Russia-Ukraine War On Indian Stock Market – An Empirical Study

Kawerinder Singh Sidhu, (Dr.) Pradeep Suri