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Volume 20, No 13 (2022)

Table of Contents

Intervention in patients with antide pressant treatment in primary care

Dr. Denisse Isabel SuastePazmiño, Adriana López Falcón, Dr. María Augusta Reyes Pérez


Primary care models in the management of chronic kidney disease in diabetic patients

Dr. Marcia Alexandra Silva Mata, Dr. Jenny Olivia Caicedo Rodríguez, Dr. Enrique Rodríguez Reyes


Association of the prognostic value of primary care physicians and morbimortality in diabetic patients

Dr. Maria Fernanda Cueva Moncayo, Dr. Diana Lorena Jordán Fiallos, Dr. Carlos Alberto Llerena Gómez


Role of family physicians in the provision of health services to cancer patients

Dr. Lenin Carlos Gabriel Flores, Dr. Karla Indira Hurtado Serrano, Dr. Byron Fabricio Saa Sabando


Association of frailty in the elderly in primary care with morbidity and mortality

Dr. Gerardo Emilio Medina Ramirez, Dr. Silvia Tatiana Tite Andi, Dr. Karen Aracelly Tobar Almendariz


Levothyroxine use and quality of life in patients with hypothyroidism

Dr. Alejandro Mayorga Garcés, Dr. Rosita Elizabeth Olivo Torres, Dr. Francisco Poveda Paredes


Differences in the management of melanoma by dermatologists and general practitioners in primary care

Dr. Lester Wong Vazquez, Dr. Jhofre Prado Quilambaqui, Dr. Alex Valencia Herrera


Rehabilitation and improvement of knee pain in primary care patients

Dr. Juan Viteri Rodríguez, Dr. Miguel Ramos Argilagos, Dr. Byron Fabricio Saa Sabando


Stroke and effectiveness of follow-up in primary care

Dr. Mildre Vidal del Río, Dr. Piedad Acurio Padilla, Dr. Daniela Abigail Cobo Alvarez


Association of arterial hypertension and depression in primary care patients

Dr. María Gabriela Balarezo García, Dr. Alex Gabriel Lara Jacome, Dr. Kenia Peñafiel Jaramillo