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Volume 20, No 13 (2022)

Table of Contents

Multi-view Face Recognition Using Novel Convolutional Neural Network-based Deep Learning Architecture

Bharath J, Dr R Balakrishna


Management and referral strategies of patients with motion sickness in primary care

Dr. María Gabriela Balarezo García, Dr. María Isabel Fong Betancourt, Dr. Viviana Alejandra Beltrán Culqui


Perception of corneal abrasión management and diagnosis in primary care

Dr. Valeria Monserrath Zúñiga Sánchez, Dr. Iván Pimienta Concepción, Dr. Siguencia Muñoz Jhonatan Miguel


Primary care physicians’ knowledge of screening and detection of axial spondyloarthritis

Dr. Daniela Abigail Cobo Alvarez, Dr. Blanca Cristina Estrella López, Dr. Freddy Fernando Jumbo Salazar


Attention to mental illness with a chronic care model at the primary care level

Dr. Segundo San Lucas Coque, Dr. Becker Neto Mullo, Dr. Alex Gabriel Lara Jacome


Therapeutic intervention in children with attention deficit disorders in primary care

Dr. Mercedes Isabel Guamán Guamán, Dr. Jeanneth Elizabeth Jami Carrera, Dr. Carlos López Barrionuevo


Lifestyle intervention in primary care to reduce metabolic risk

Dr. Kenia Peñafiel Jaramillo, Dr. Kathya Verónica Suaste Pazmiño, Dr. Jenny Maribel Moya Arizaga


Reduction in primary care attendance for pediatric patients with respiratory infections

Dr. Olga Cristina Solís Solís, Dr. Jenny Olivia Caicedo Rodríguez, Dr. Alex Gabriel Lara Jacome


Pelvic floor conditions in women treated in primary care

Dr. Alvaro Paúl Moina Veloz, Dr. Alberto Sánchez Garrido, Dr. Flor Betzabet Morocho Quinchuela


Intervention in patients with antide pressant treatment in primary care

Dr. Denisse Isabel SuastePazmiño, Adriana López Falcón, Dr. María Augusta Reyes Pérez