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Volume 20, No 11 (2022)

Table of Contents

Effect of treatment of seeds with ultraviolet rays and gibberellin on vegetative and physiological characteristic, yield of the eggplant plant

Mohan Hilal Hadoush, Ali Ibadi Manea, Nadia Hamid Al-Taie


Response of corn (Zea mays L) to different levels of nitrogen, manganese and their effect on vegetative and qualitative growth.

Oras Muhsen Khadim, Mahdi Abed Hamza Shawnee


Organic Acid and Active Compound in Fermented Milk : Areview

Raghad Saad Musa Al Musa, Najla H. Al Garory


Comparison of the effect of adding bromelain enzyme and Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT) to the diet on the biochemical blood traits for laying hens Lohmann brown

Riam Majeed Sahib, Nihad Abdul –Lateef Ali


Diagnosis and epidemiological study for tricomniasis for women in Babylon

Saif A.J. Al-Shalah, Israa Habeeb Nasser


Determination of some genes for patients with haemophilia

Saif Abdulmahdi Owaid, Murat Çanlı, Amran M. AL-Erjan


Evaluation of the efficiency of the Azotobactar chroococcum and Penicillium cyclopium and some plant extracts in controlling pepper root rot disease under laboratory and lath house conditions

shimaa Abd Al-Ameer, Ahed Abd Ali Hadi Matloob


Effect of some fertilizing treatments and spraying of sulfur amino acids on some indicators of quantitative and qualitative yield of broccoli.

Sura Abdulkareem Mohammed, Fouad Abbas Salman


Effect of using diesel oil, organic residual and leaching requirements with irrigation water on some properties of soil and growth of corn plant (Zea mayz L.)

Yahya J. Shabeeb, Wisam B. Hasan, Hussein Razzaq Nayyef


Effect of spraying with thiamine and ascorbic acid and their interaction on the vegetative growth of Nigella sativa L.

Zahraa Haider Khudair Al-Rikabi, Ahmed Mohamed Lahmoud