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Volume 20, No 8 (2022)

Table of Contents

Effects of parathyroid hormone and Vitamin –D level on incidence of bacterial vaginosis during first trimester of pregnancy

Zahraa Aied Nehi, Dakhel Ghani Omran,Kawther.HMhdei, Lubna Abdulazeem


Study of IgG and IgM antibody response afterPfizer mRNA Vaccine first dose in Previously infected with COVID-19and uninfected individuals

Fadhil Kahdim Jassim, Aseel kasim kareem, Maher Mohammed Khadairi,Nassar Abdalaema Mera, MahirAbdulkadhum Alzughaibi, Mohammed Zuhair Naji, Saif Sahib Radhi, Ali Fahim Mohammed, Marowa H Abbas


Correlation between in vitro preparation techniques and asthenozoospermic semen with bacteriospermia on intra-uterine insemination outcomes

Reem Qahtan Abdullah, Saad Salih Al-Dujaily, Rehab Shafiq Al-Maliki


Internet of Things security concerns using SDN: An overview of theory and research

Thair A. Salih , Abdulrasul A. Samad


Progress Asphaltic Pavement Deformations and Change in Pavement Condition Index in Najaf City

Suhair Abed Zaid Mouhameed, Dr. Khawla H. H. Shubber


Detection of genetic diversity of local Iraqi black goats by using Cytochrome b gene

Ihsan Ali Shwayaa Al-Hassnawi Asaad Y. Ayied


Effect of humic acid supplementation on rumen parameters in Arab male lambs

Mohamed H. Bander Hanaa A. J. Al-Galbi, JalalO. Usser


Detection of genetic diversity of local Iraqi black goats by using D-loop Region

Ihsan Ali ShwayaaAl-HassnawiAsaad Y. Ayied


Determination of lept in and adiponectin level in patients with End-stage renal

Sarah F.Hussein, Alaa Hussein J. Al-qaisi, TS Morad


"The synergistic Effect of secondary products of locale isolates of Lactic acid bacteria with sesame oil against Aspergillus niger

Samahyousif Hammadi, Dr. Laith Musleh Najeeb