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Volume 20, No 8 (2022)

Table of Contents

Towards The Early Detection of Alzheimer Disease Using Machine Learning Approach

Md ShariarKabir, MossaddakHossain, Naznin Sultana


Diagnosis of Lymphatic Filariasis Using Nano-Chip CA-RD Assay Compared To Nano-Based Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay

Ibrahim Aly, Shadia Hassan, Rabab S. Hamad, Walaa A.M. Elkholy, HananTaher, Manal Ahmed, Mahmoud N. EL-Shall, RababZalat, MarwaAbouELDahab


Gait Disorders in Parkinson’s disease Using EEG Signal with Different Deep Learning Methods: A Survey

J Ezhilarasi, T Senthil Kumar


Family Environment and Psychological wellbeing of Adolescents

Khushpreet Kaur, Dr. Rajnish Sharma


Effectiveness of Prenatal Massage and Maternity Pillow Against Back Pain of Pregnant Women Trimester III at Sifra Langowan Maternity Clinic

Atik Purwandari, Sjenny Olga Tuju, Sandra GerceJelly Tombokan, Ellen Pesak, Anita Lontaan


An Impirical Approach for Underwater Image Quality Enhancement and Object Detection using Deep Learning

Mahendra Kumar Singh, Dr.Amol K. Kadam, Dr.Milind Gayakwad, Dr.Pramod Jadhav, Prof.Vinayak N Patil, Prof. Prasad Kadam, Dr.Vinod Patil, Dr.Sunita Dhotre


A review on prevalence of tokophobia: Fear of childbirth, diagnosis & its management approaches

Suraj Mandal, Santosh Singh Bhadoriya, Km. Shiva, Ravi Shankar Ahirwar, Shital Sharma, Naveen Kumar, Priyal Ray, Lokesh Chaudhari, Vinita Ahirwar, Kshipra Rajput


Review on Properties of Mortar and Concrete Using Fibers and Nanomaterials

Nisreen M. Rahmah


Clinical and biochemical (PH level) effects of platelet-rich fibrin on skin pedicle graft healing

Muhammad J. Muhammad, Rafid M. Naeem


Indagation on p-Grill Topological groups and modellingIndustry transportation via Neutrosophic sets

A. Muneesh Kumar and P. Gnanachandra