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Volume 20, No 8 (2022)

Table of Contents

Fine-Grained Access Control Mechanism to Enhance Data Privacy and Integrity in Cloud- Based EHR

C. Eben Exceline, Sivakumar N


Delivering ESL Lessons Online to Engineering and Technology Students during Covid19 Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges

C. Suganthan, Sivakumar Nagarajan, Ramesh P S, Vanitha R, A. Minnal Carolin


A Study on Parenting Stress and Coping Strategies Adopted Among Working Mothers

N. Kavitha, M. Murali Krishnan, M.Bhuvaneswari, Licy Varghese, R Puviarasi, Rupali Nawale


Cyber Awareness and Social Media Scams Among Users

J.Preetha, K.Lokeshwaran, D. Asha, K.Bashkaran


Neutrosophic Approach of Segmentation on Thermal Images - Case Study: Drowsy Driving Application

Sofia Jennifer J, Sree Sharmila T


Optimization-Based Techniques for Sentiment-Oriented Text Summarization: A Concise Review

Abeer Raad, Rafid Sagban


Poly (Vinyl Pyrrolidone) Nanofiber as Fast Oral Drug Delivery of 6-Mercaptopurine

Ahmed A. A. Alsaad, Ahmed Abbas Hussein, Khulood M. Alsaraf


An Analysis of The Factors Affecting Employee Morale During Covid-19 In Manufacturing Companies in Chennai

K.Famitha Begum, S.Vennilaa Shree


Novel Compression Based Community Detection Approach Using Hybrid Honey Badger Bonobo Optimizer for Online Social Networks

K. Sankara Nayaki , M. Sudheep Elayidom , R. Rajesh


Seasonal environmental variations on physicochemical properties of Justicia adhatoda- An Indian Medicinal Plant.

Gautam Sadashiv Palshikar, Vivek Subhash Tarate, Kishor Vasant Otari, P. Shanmuga Pandiyan