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Volume 20, No 8 (2022)

Table of Contents

Analyzing House Sales Prices byhyperparameters tuning Method Using Deep Learning (DL) Techniques

K. Radhakrishnan, T. Velmurugan


Sustainable Economic Development of Renewable Energy in Vietnam

Bui Anh Tu, Nguyen Duc Duong


Simulation model of ZigBee network to analyze routing protocols for the sustainable Healthcare environment

Sandeep J, Faizal N Vasaya, Smera C, Kirubanand VB, Balamurugan E


eISSN 1303-5150 www.neuroquantology.com 1480 Crime Detection Approach Using Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Sapna Singh Kshatri, Devanand Bhonsle, Rupal Verma, Anu G. Pillai, Vishal Moyal


Study of dependence of Electrical properties of PZT ceramics modified by substitution of Sm ion on Frequency and Temperature

Kanay Barik


Systematic Investigation of Vital Signs, Cardiovascular Problems and Level of Consciousness in Patients with Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases

Alireza Rahat Dahmardeh, Zohreh Soleimanydarinsoo, Khatoon Zendehbodi, Nahid Mirzaei Tirabadi, Farnoush Azizi


Systematic Review of Radiology Signs and Drug Delivery in Patients Affected by Covid-19

Zahra Ranjbar, Alireza Bahmani, Khatoon Zendehbodi, MehrAra Akanchi4, Sara Parviz


Examination of Dental Problems and Radiological and Cardiac Evaluations in Patients Affected by Covid-19

Shaghayegh Golalipour, Zohreh Soleimanydarinsoo, Nadieh Qaderi, Hamid Ghazipoor, Mona Salahi


A Group of Egyptian Bipolar I Disorder Patients with Toxoplasmosis: The Effects of Infection on Clinical Characteristics Are a Matter of Debate

Ghada M. Salah El-Deen, Hasnaa A. El Azazy, Khashaba A. Shafy, Fatima M. Sherif


Treatment Modalities of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

Dalal Ahmed Hasan Salh*, Khalid Edris Abdelrahman, Ahmed Mohammed Abdelwahab, Ibrahim Abdelallatif Ibrahim Algohiny