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Volume 20, No 8 (2022)

Table of Contents

Effect of Electromagnetic Field Therapy on Neck Pain and Proprioception in Cervical Radiculopathy Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Lama Saad El-Din Mahmoud, Kerolos Awad Habib , Mohamed Ragab Nagy , Mohammad Sadik Badawy


Surgical Results of Adjusted Trabeculotomy in the Management of Recurrent Cases of Congenital Glaucoma

Ahmad K Khalil


Typology of Land Use Neuro Networks and Spatial Pattern Plans in Areas undergoing Land Use Change in Deli Serdang, Indonesia

Ruth Riah Ate Tarigan, Hasan Basri Tarmizi, Agus Purwoko, Rahmanta Ginting


Tau Protein and Its Phosphorylation in Alzheimer's Disease When Lepidium Meyenii (Maca) Acts as A Neuroprotective Agent

Carpio Carpio J., Medina Pérez J., Villanueva Salas J., Villanueva Sardón L.a Julitza Paredes- Fuentes, Bernabé-Ortiz Julio C


Changes In the Neuronal Cytoskeleton Involved in Alzheimer's Disease Upon Treatment with Lepidium Meyenii (Maca) Extracts

Julitza Paredes-Fuentes, Jeaneth Medina-Pérez, Jose Villanueva Salas, Jose Carpio Carpio, Lucia Villanueva Sardón, Julio C. Bernabé-Ortiz Julio


Comparison Of the Chemical Composition of Portland Cement Vs. Calcined Molluscan Shellfish Waste

Sleyther Arturo De La Cruz Vega, Cristian Milton Mendoza Flores, Pablo Adrián Pezo Morales, José Antonio Garrido Oyola, Fernando Demetrio Llatas Villanueva, Gumercindo Flores Reyes


Mercury And Lead Levels in Pregnant Women And Their Newborns After Delivery in Cairo, Egypt

Sameh Abdelaziz Ahmed Mansour, Abdou Mohamed Abdou Mahmoud, Hussein Ishak Mohamed Ibrahim, Medhat Ali Salah Abdelghaffar, Alrefaai Abdlefattah Mohamed Marai, Ahmed Ezzat Abdul- Aziz, Ahmed Elsayed Mohamed Abdrabo


NMLA: The Smart Detection of Motor Neuron Disease and Analyze the Health Impacts with Neuro Machine Learning Model

G. Sekar, C. Sivakumar, J. Logeshwaran


Performance Improvement of Hybrid Image Watermarking Algorithm Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Human Visual Model

V.Sundhararaj, B. Meenakshipriya, P. NirmalaDevi


Lung Cancer Prediction Using Machine Learning Technique Over Big Data

T. Thangarasan, R. Keerthana, M. Arunkumar, S. Ramya, M. Bommy, V. Surendhiran