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Volume 20, No 7 (2022)

Table of Contents

Deep learning based recognition of wearing mask in public during pandemic

Dr.L.Malathi, Dr.Ravindra Mersing Ghoti, Dr. Swapnaja R.More, Dr Melanie Elizabeth Lourens, Dr Prateek Bhanti, Dr Sanjeev Patwa


Energy Efficient Clustering for Precision Agriculture using LEACH Protocol

Mr Prabhakaran, Dr . Malathi Ravindran


Recognition of early blight and late blight diseases on potato leaves based on CNN algorithm

Dr Ashok Kumar Koshariya, Dr. B. Priyadharshini, Mrs. V. Ramalakshmi, Dr. Kalyani Pradhan, Mr. Jaskaran singh, S. Balamuralitharan


Reproductive Health of Outmigrant’s Left-Behind Wives Residing in Indian Subcontinent – A Systematic Review Encompassing Mental Stress, Autonomy and Patriarchy

Fahad Afzal, Arindam Das, Qurratul Aein Ali


Testing AMH as an indicator of ovarian response in assisted reproductive technologies

Suchitra Narayan, Purnima Pachori, Sandhya Choudhry, Mahima Agrawal


An AI Based Framework for Energy Efficiency in Smart Homes

Kuldeep Sharma, Arun Malik, Isha Batra


Clinical and Functional Evaluation of Nerve Transfer in Patients with Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury

Muhammad Abdurrahman Al Haraani, Heri Suroto, Lydia Arfianti


Validation of the family functioning style scale to assess family strengths against the Covid-19

Gimena Heydy Aspur-León, Juana Pandia-Pacori, José Calizaya-López


Psychometric analysis of the life-satisfaction scale in university students

José Calizaya-López, Merly Clariza Lazo-Manrique, Ferdinand Eddington Ceballos-Bejarano, Segundo Ortiz-Cansaya, Lolo Juan Mamani-Daza, Luis Fernando Ramos-Vargas


Shoulder pain and disability after mastectomy

Dunya Ghaleb Tareef, Dr. Diaa K. Abd Ali , Dr. Ammar R Mohammad