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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Dynamic Data Replication Strategy that Simultaneously Satisfies Collaborative Learners Service Level Objective with increased System Availability in Cloud Computing Environment

Dr. P.Sathishkumar, Dr. P. AMUDHAVALLI, Dr S.Shahar Banu


Numerical Investigation of Circular Central Solar Receiver with Thermo-Mechanical Joint Behavior Analysis

Kaustubh G. Kulkarni*, Sanjay N. Havaldar


Power and Area Constrained Crosstalk Elimination Circuit for High-Speed VLSI Interconnects

B.Obulesu 1, Dr.P.Sudhakara Rao 2


Fundamental factors and the gain/ loss of the stocks: Evidence from Nifty 50

N.Subramanian1*, Dr.P.Karthikeyan2


Tuning POD controller using Artificial Neural Network for SSSC in Power Transmission line

M. Vasavi Uma Maheswari*, A.R.Vijay Babu, Inajkoti Durga Prasad, Surla Satish Kumar, Mukku Deepthi, Pudi Balaji ,P. Mahesh


Effect of Gryllus bimaculatu extract as alternative medicine on some complications of diabetic type 2 in STZ-induced diabetic mice.

Rawaa Ali Rahmat, Maan Abdul Azeez Shafeeq, and Jamela Jouda


Role of Ultrasonography in the Management of Vesical Injuries

Sherif S Elabd, Esraa H Nassar, Roeya M Aboelnasr, Abdelnaser K Elgamasy, Mohamed G Soliman and Mohamed A Elheniedy


Management of fruitful date palm offshoots of Phoenix dactylitera L. of Barhi cultivar by using optimum pollen and antioxidant in chemical traits

Al-Hamza Abdul-Zahra Mohammad Al-Salem and Abdul Karim Muhammad Abed


Antioxidant activity of Iraqi buffalo whey protein hydrolysates and their incorporation into the preservation of Beef Patties

Orass Tariq Yasseen El-Ibresam and Ali Khudhair Jaber AL-Rikabi


Experimental Investigation into Dynamic performance of Asymmetric Straight Bevel Gear with and without Profile Correction

Prof. Mohammad Qasim Abdullah and Adil Habeeb Hashim