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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Preseptal Cellulitis & Orbital Cellulitis

N. Ratri Prasetya Ningrum, Petty Purwanita


Diagnosis and Management of Peters’ Anomaly

N. Ratri Prasetya Ningrum, Anang Tribowo


Fracture Resistance and Leakage of Inlay and Only Fixed Partial Denture: An in Vitro Study

Mahmoud Mostafa Ashoub, Cherif Adel Mohsen


Harnessing Machine Learning for Classification and Analysis of Malaria Infected Erythrocytes

Syed Azar Ali, S. Phani Kumar


Effect of Implant Angulation on Primary Stability of Implants Placed in Bovine Bone with D2 and D4 Densities

Samane Masoumi, Nazanin Samiei, Yadollah Soleymani Shayesteh, Mehrdad Panjnoush, Hadi Kaseb Ghane, Yasser Khaled


Building A Model of Indirect Causal Relationships Speed and Accurately Shooting According to Some Bio-Kinematics Variables

Muthanna Harith Ekrayyem, Mohammed Saleh Khaleel Alsamarae, Mazin Hadi Kzar


Spectral analysis, HOMO-LUMO, NLO Properties and Thermodynamic parameters of 2-Ethylthiophenothiazine using DFT calculations

Shaleen Bhardwaj, Jayant Teotia, Isha Rathi, Ravish Kumar Uppadhay, Vikas Kumar, M.K. Yadav


Vibrational assignments, NMR spectra, Computational (DFT) analysis and Molecular Docking of 2-chloro-8-methylquinoline-3- carboxaldehyde

Isha Rathi, Jayant Teotia, Annu, Ravish Kumar Uppadhay, Shaleen Bhardwaj, M. K. Yadav


Photovoltaic Integrated High Gain Interleaved Boost Converter fed Switched Reluctance Motor for Marine Drive Application

R. Elavarasi, D. Padma Subramanian, Vijayapriyaa.R, J. Baskaran


Effect of Applying Crisis Management System in Medical Field on Reducing Costs in Libya: A Narrative Review Article

Hatem Abdelgader khpiza, Osama Khashadah