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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Analysis of the Effect of Climate Risk Factors on Cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Kendari City

Rialdin1, Soedjajadi Keman1, Lilis Sulistiorini1, Ririh Yudhastuti1, Mahmudah1, Yudied Agung2


Formulation and In vitro Evaluation of 6-Mercaptopurine Electro spun Nanofibers as Fast Oral Drug Delivery.

Ahmed A. A. Alsaad1, Ahmed Abbas Hussein2, Khulood M. Alsaraf3


Effect of Lifestyle Modification on Pregnancy Outcomes among Women with Gestational Diabetes: Quasi Randomized Controlled Trail (QRCT)

Basma Said Mahmoud El-Gamasy1, *, Shadia A Hassan2, Gehan Ebrahim Ghonemy3, Magdy Ibrahim Mostafa4, Reda M. Nabil Aboushady


Study of immunological parameter (IL-0) of Entamoeba gingivalis in immunocompromised patients with periodontitis in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf City

Raad Ajam Sayl , Aula Adil Abass


Measurement of immunological marker IL-1 beta in blastocystosis patients with experience of intestinal disturbance

Raad Ajam Sayl 1, Ibrahim Yahya 2


Detection of Coxsackie virus B Measurement Level of Interleukin 1 Beta(IL1β) in patients suffered in T1DM with Coxsackie virus infection

Meraj .N .Rafiq1 and Humam Kasem Hussein2


Voltage Stability Margin Assessment Using PMU Measurements

Suresh Babu Palepu1, M Damodar Reddy2


School Reformation for a Better Performance Through School-Based Governance: A Study in Eritrean Secondary Schools

Berhane Aradom Tedla


Cognitive Analysis of User for Suggesting Learning Objects

1st Swati Shekapure,Nitin Shekapure,Madhuri B. Thorat,Gulbakshee J. Dharmale


Cognitive Analysis of Employer for Identifying Incubation Success Factors

Swati Shekapure,Nitin Shekapure,Madhuri B. Thorat,Gulbakshee J. Dharmale