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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Components and Necessity for Developing the Administrators' Learning Leadership of Educational Opportunity Expanding School Under the Office of Basic Education Commission in Northeast Thailand

Tapin Hemvong1*, Suphirun Jantarak2, Pornthep Steannoppakao3


Construction Of Certain Groupoids and Functors on Monoids

V. K. Sreeja*


Critical Infrastructure for Electronic Information Security and Cyber Defence

Syed Maaz1*, Garima Sinha2


Design of Parabola Transformation for Medical Image Processing using Xilinx System Generator

Neelima K1*, CH. Kavya2, Satyam3, Neeruganti Vikram Teja4


Development of 21st Century Administrative Skills of School Principals

Pim-on Sod-ium1, Phrakrupalad Chakkrapol Siritharo2 ,Boonchuay Sirikase3, Chissanapong Sonchan4 ,Kunnika Vaisopha5 , Pimsopit Sod-ium6, Sanya Kenaphoom7


Effects Self-Management on the Subjective Well- Being and Physical Self-Perception of the Elderly Participating in Sports for All

Young-Hee Han1, Chun-Ho Yang2


Fundamental understanding of Ama from the contemporary understanding

Vivek Kumar Dwivedi1*, Parameswarappa S Byadgi2, Ramanand Tiwari3


How Organizations Become Exposed to Certain Cyber-Attacks or Breaches and Ways to Mitigate

Johnson Muungano Maxmillian1*, Garima Sinha2


Importance Of Knowledge of Usage of Sensory Organs in the Prevention of Diseases

Vivek Kumar Dwivedi1*, Akshata Nara2, Parameswarappa S. Byadgi3


Participation in tourism promotion along the border in provinces of the Mekong River Basin, Thailand

Vorapon Jantharateerayanon1, Boonpeng Sittivongsa2, Sanya Kenaphoom3*