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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Gold Mining Exploration in Peru

Tomas Ezequiel Gallarday Bocanegra, Ciro Sergio Bedìa Guillen, Cleto Mauricio Vidal Lopez, Sheelita Natividad Gallarday Vasquez


Healthy Lifestyle Pattern in the Most Isolated Tribe (Gender Study in Indonesia)

H. Syamsuni HR, K. Hairuddin, Marliah, Aisyah Nursyam


On Ideal Convergent Triple Sequence Spaces of Fuzzy Real Numbers Associated with Multiplier Sequences Defined by Triple Sequences of Double Orlicz Functions

Tuqa Mohammad Abd Al-Hussein, Ali Hussein Battor


Methodological Tools for Assessing and Modeling Environmental and Economic Risks in the Regions

MakhkambaevAmdulkhaq Tadjimatovich, MavlyanovaDilobar Makhkamovna, Bobir Tursunov, MakhkamovaSaida Gayratovna, EshonkulovAzamat Abdirakhimovich


Econometric Modeling of Environmental and Economic Risk Management

SativaldiyevaDono Abdurakhmanovna, Bobir Tursunov, OnorboyevShukhratjon Mirzayevich, ErgashevaMukaddasShukhrat Qizi, KhaydarovaDildoraJakhongir Qizi


Ezetimibe Evaluation as a Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Patients with Covid-19: A Case Report

Yasmine Farouk Shamseldin, Amal Kamal Hussein, Eman Mohamed Sadek, Ahmed Abuelhana, Hassan Shalaby, Houssam Mowafi


Polymorphisms in Selected Cytokines and Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egypt

Marian Refaat Raouf, Noha A Hassuna, Mohamed Sayed Mohamed, Mohamed Abdel Hamid


Androgen Deficiency and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, a Future Prospect for Therapy

Mohammed A Shaarawe, Ghada M El-Sagheer, Ahmed A Abdel Fadeel, Fawzia M Abdel-Bari


Foot Anatomy

Shimaa Shehata Mohammad Mohammad, Ashraf Mohammed Hassan Elsherief, Ehab Ali A. Elgawad, Amr Abdel-Hameed


Diabetic Nephropathy – New Biomarker?

Osama Mohammed Kamal El-minshawy, Mahmoud Hassan Said Khidr, Mahmoud Saad Mohammed, Asmaa Kassem Ahmed