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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Association between Serum Mannose Level and Insulin Resistance in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Obesity Effect

Ameera H Jasim, Basil O Saleh, Afraa M Al-Naddawi


Health Effects of Nitrate Concentrations in the Groundwater of Kirkuk Governorate, Iraq

Ann A. Sedeeq Al-Allaf, Tawoos M. Kamel Al-Shwany


Effect of Adding Qurcetin to Tris Extender on Some Semen Biochemical Characteristics of Awassi Rams Following Different Cooling Periods

Eehab Thaer Raheem, Firas Ahmed Mahmood


Response of Five Cultivars of Potato Crop Under the Influence of Spraying with Foliar Nutrient (Chlorophyll GS)

Ghassan Adanan ABD Al _Ameer, Nasser Maarouf Nasser Hogel


Comparison of Application of the Radial Vs. Focused Probes of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on Pain, Range of Motion and Function in Patients with Adhesive Capsulitis

Isam Ali Hameedi, Azadeh Shadmehr, Kazem Malmir, Sara Fereydounnia, Zeinab Shiravi


Comparative Morphology of Pollen Grains of Genus Lotus L. (fabaceae) in Iraq

Mohamed Baqer Hussine Almosawi, Israa Abdul Razzaq Majeed Aldobaissi


The Effect of Nano-zinc Dosing on the Hormonal and Physiological Traits Broiler Breeder Rooster

Rusul Saeed Rashid, Emad Abdulgabbar Ali


Impact of Abnormal Secretion of Androgen on Amenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea and Polycystic Ovaries in Women

Saad G. Hussein, Riyam B. Ali, Areej Basil Abbas


Effect of Aqueous Extract of Pomegranate Peel on the Immune and Physiological Characteristics of Roosters

Safa Ali Neamah, Emad Abdulgabbar Ali


Effect of Fsh On Lipid Profile in Postmenopausal Women

Shaima A. Mhadi, Nihad N. Hilal, Mohammed M. Abdul-Aziz