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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Work From Home During Covid 19 Of Dual Career Couples

Jaseena Ibrahim, G R Dinesh Kumar


Proposed model for sovereign wealth funds and their role in promoting sustainable development in Iraq

Dr. Mostafa Kazemi Najaf Abadi andMustafa Mohammed Hussein Hussein


Assessment of natural radionuclides and radiological hazards in soil samples of the brick factories in Babylon governorate, Iraq

Abd Al aal Hadi Dawal 1*, Osamah Nawfal Oudah2


Polymerization polyaniline with metal nanoparticles as antimicrobial therapeutic

Sally Abdulhadi Ahmed 1


Real-Time Human Detection and Tracking Based on Deep Learning Technique

Gona M Rozhbayani1*, Amel Tuama2,Fadwa Al-Azzo


AdvancesinTheProcessing And Analysis of Medical Images Using Neural Networks

1Dr. AbdullaMousaFalahAlali1,2Dr.Hasan Mahmoud Sha’banKanaker


Humidity sensor coated with GO-PVA composite thin film based on no-core fiber Mach- Zehnder interferometer

Suroor L.khashin, Hanan J. Taher


Low Complex Fractional-order Differentiators and Integrators

J. K. Kasthuri Bhaa, K. Ferents Koni Jiavanaa, S. Kayalvizhia


Comparison of Speaker Recognition by Training Emotion Specific GMM and Emotion Independent GMM

Chandita Barman, Aditya Bihar Kandali, Franklin Burhagohain


The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Blended Learning in Developing Computer Drawing Skills for Education College Students

Muntaha Saleh Abdullah Alhashel, Mahmoud Morsy Mohamed Garhy, Sayed Ibrahim Ali