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Volume 20, No 6 (2022)

Table of Contents

Description of the WALA edge measured in STL and DICOM files

Manuel Estuardo Bravo Calderón, Marco Vinicio Bernal Pinos, Mauricio Rubén Zhingre Suárez


Risk Factors Analysis of Personal Hygiene and Food Sanitation with Contamination of Worm Soil Eggs on Fresh Vegetables Cabbage Sold at Street Food Stall Makassar City

Fatmawati Rahim, Anwar Daud, Anwar


The Effect of the Quality of Work Life on the Burnout Rate of Nursing at the Dirgahayu Hospital in Samarinda during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Indriani Lim1 , NoerBahry Noor, A. Indahwaty Sidin, Irwandy, Syahrir A. Pasinringi, Suriah


Chronic Pain and Quality of Life in Cancer Patients of a Public Hospital in Perú

Katherine de los Milagros Emma Quevedo Porras, María Soledad Porras Roque, Luis Enrique Podestá Gavilano, Sonia Patricia Inga Huamán



Erika Paola Gavilanes González,Marcelo Alejandro López Zea, Diego Carrilo Rosero


Analysis of conversations with grooming intent using Machine Learning techniques

Byron Oviedo Bayas, Paúl Romero Alvarado, José Montes Toapanta, John Bonifaz Burgos


Ecosystem services of urban green spaces: Multicriteria spatial analysis model

Betty González Osorio, Lenin Enriquez Viteri, Lidia Vlassova


Influence of genotype-environment interactions on the performance of maize hybrids in Ecuadorian coastal areas

Daniel Vera-Aviles, Freddy Sabando-Avila , Luis Godoy-Montiel, Luis Simba-Ochoa


Design of a hydraulic roll forming machine for metal profiles forming

Omar Arturo Cevallos Muñoz, Fernando Daniel Menoscal Noriega , Kevin Fernando Villacis Laje


Application of public microcredits in cocoa production in the area of influence of the city of quevedo

Jenny Maldonado Castro , Daniel Parra Gavilanes , María Guzmán Macias