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Volume 20, No 5 (2022)

Table of Contents

An Automated System for the Classification of COVID-19, Suspected COVID-19 and Healthy Lung CT Images based on Local Binary Pattern and Deep Learning Features

Luma J. Satoory, Hussain S. Hasan and Ali M. Hasan


Effectiveness of Mental Health through Audiovisual Media on Schizophrenia Caregiver: A Systematic Review

P. Samsul Arif and Shanti Wardaningsih


Augmented Reality based on Android for the Promotion of Furniture Products with Geometry Translation

Dedi, M. Ramaddan Julianti, Jarudin, Syaipul Ramdhan AND M. Fitriansyah AK


Achievement of Learning Outcome in Off-Campus Learning Programs for Students of the Health Sciences Faculty, Universitas Muhammadiyah Lamongan, Indonesia

Virgianti Nur Faridah, Arifal Aris, Siti Sholikhah and Dian Nurafifah


Review of Humour Interventions to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in Adults

Inta Susanti, Sylvi Harmiardillah, Virgianti Nur Faridah, Rizky Asta Pramestirini and Isni Lailatul Magfiroh


Machine Learning Techniques Applied for Exploring Heart Disease and Classifying Stages through ECG Signal

K. Babu and Dr.P. Marikkannu


Comparative Study of Oral Soft Tissue Operations Using a Laser vs. a Scalpel

Maha Waleed Alghazali, Rasha Abduljaleel Althabit, Abdulkareem Hussain Alwan, Madiha Fouad Jameel, Afnan Abdulkareem Hussain


Antioxidant Impact of Green Synthetized Magnetic Nanoparticle of Nigella Sativa Seed Alcoholic Extract in Male Rats

Zahraa Mohammed Habeeb, Salim Hussein Jari


Assessment of Pinhole for Visual Acuity Recoverment in Patients with Myopia

Dr. Nidaa Samee, Dr. Mohammed Safaa, Zaid Fadhil Fakher Zayed, Zaid Abdullah Abbas Ali, Moheb Abbas Jassim Saad, Mahdi Salman Muhammad Saeed, Dhulflqar Idrees Mohammed Drsan


Digital Competences and Teaching Performance in Regular Basic Teachers of Lima

Maria Ysabel Valentin Llamosa, Hector Raul Santa Maria Relaiza, Giancarlo Roosvelt Contreras Moreno, Ulises Cordova Garcia, Marina Vilca Caceres