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Volume 20, No 5 (2022)

Table of Contents

Effect of ZnO Nanoparticles on the Content of Sulforaphane in Broccoli Plant

Walaa Mahmood Shakir, Dr. Muthana Muhamed Ibrahim AL-Mahdawe and Mustafa Hammadi


Form Factor and Charge Density Distribution Calculations for 58Ni, 70,72Ge Isotopes by Using Skyrme Interaction in NushellX@MSU Code

Nawres T. Sheehab and Fouad A. Majeed


Radon Concentrations and Risk Factors Evaluation in Iraqi Museum and Al Mustansiriya Old School in Baghdad Using CR-39 as a Solid State Nuclear Track Detector (SSNTD)

Doaa M. Hameed, Ali T. Aljanabi, Ruaa M. Ali and Wasif O. Alobaidy


Topiramate and Acetazolamide Combination a Comparative Study between High and Low Dose Profile of Side Effects on Metabolism

Mohammad A.S. Kamil, Ahmed Jasim Nawfal and Anmar Shukr Mahmood


Health Risk Impact of Cadmium Exposure on Public Drinking Water Sources in Kodingareng and Barrang Lompo Islands Sangkarrang District Makassar City

Askiah Azizah, Agus Bintara Birawida, Anwar Daud, Nurlia Sila and Asniati


Expression of PD-L1 as Prognostic Sign Factor in Carcinoma Nasopharyngeal Patient

Mila Habibasari, Abdul Kadir, Nani Iriani Djufri, Upik A. Miskad and Abdul Qadar Punagi


Corpus Alienum Esophagus (Denture) with Proximal Esophageal Perforation Complications

H. Sarira Tandi and M. Akil Amsyar


The Influence of the Earth's Albedo on Low-orbit Satellite Motion

Ahmed Kader Izzet


Novel Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Produce by Hydrothermal Method Using different Reactors

Mohanad Q. Fahem and Thamir A.A. Hassan


Effects of Service Quality and Patient Satisfaction on Patient Adherence at the Outpatient Rehabilitation Department of Fatmawati National Hospital in Jakarta

Ester Syeftty Pasaribu, Indar , Alimin Maidin , Darmawansyah , Ridwan Mochtar Thaha , Sukri