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Volume 20, No 5 (2022)

Table of Contents

Flavonoid Content and Toxicity Tests of Pumpkin Seed Powder (Cucurbita Moschata Durch) in Male Wistar Rats

Nurul Asifah Hafsiyah, Aminuddin Syam, Healthy Hidayanty, Citrakesumasari, Apik Indarty Moedjiono and Nurhaedar Jafar


Graphene and its Effect on the Structural and Optical Properties of TiO2 Nano Thin Films Prepared by PLD Technique

Amer M. Salih, Zuheer N. Majeed and Sabri J. Mohammed


Evaluation of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) Level as a Biomarker for Rheumatoid Arthritis among Iraqi Patients

F.M. Basma and Ibtihal A. AL-Karaawi


Search based Software Engineering of Software Metrics, Code Smells and Refactoring Techniques Using Optimization Algorithms

Divya Sharma and Shikha Lohchab


Electrical System of URSM Science and Technology Building: An Analysis

Marlon A. Bautista


Managing Sustainable Energy Projects: A Review on Success Factors

Rajeev Ranjan Pandey, Warangkana Jutidamrongphan, Saroj Gyawali and Md. Shahariar Chowdhury


Gender Identification of Embryonic Chicken in the Egg by Heart Beat Modulation Technique

Marvin P. Amoin


Investigation of Customer Satisfaction on Integrated Management Transportation Services Toll Road, Port and Ferry Ship Java-Sumatra

Agung Kresnamurti Rivai P., S.T., M.M


A Monochromatic Optical Analytical Study of a Stepped Refractive Index Shell Spherical Polymeric Lens

Sabah M. Hadi, Manal Midhat Abdella and Mohamed S. Mahdi


Preparation and Characteristics of (Poly Methyl Methacrylate' / Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone) Blend

Mehdi Edan Mehdi and Asmaa Shawqy Khaleel