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Volume 20, No 5 (2022)

Table of Contents

The effects of smartphone radiation and its disturbance on human health

AnsamQassim Gadhban1, Dler Khalid Ismael2,FezaaShalal Neda3,Bassam Mohammed Yaseen4


Structural and magnetic characteristics of Nanoferrites and their use in photocatalytic activity of Methylene Blue

Ahmed M. Hammed1, a* and Zainab Raheem Muslim2, b


Surface Plasmon Resonance Optical Fiber Sensor for Water Quality Diagnosis

FarahZ. Hassan1, Hashim Ali2


A Research Study Of Dance Formation Based On Cultural And Historical Memory Of The Old Luoyue Ethnic Group With Reference To Dance Drama “Walking Out Of Zushan Mountain”

Yuxiao Xu, PhakamasJirajarupat, QianqiuJin


Preparation and Study of Some Optical, Thermal and Electrical Properties of polymeric blend Films [PVA:PVP]Reinforcedby CaCl2.2H2O Salt

Rafid M. A. Rustam, Sabah A. Salman


Positioning of HAAR Cascade Algorithm and deep learning to predict Real Time Facial expressions

Ganne Naga Sujini,Ayalapogu Ratna Raju,


Polyaniline – (Au, Ag and TiO) Nanocomposite as autophagy activator

SallyAbdulhadi Ahmed, Ahmad A. Hasan


Optical and Magnetic properties of chromium doped Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 system

Ashok Kumar Kusuma1,2, Katrapally Vijaya Kumar1*, A. T. Raghavender3


simulation of interface properties effects in CBTS/CdS solar cell through SCAPS-1D

Khalid. J. Jameel andAyed.N. Saleh


Structural, morphological and electrical properties of (MgO) thin films doped with (ZnS) prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis method

Hussein S. Al-Rikabi Muhammad Hameed AL-TIMIMI, Mustafa Zaid Abdullah, Widad H. ALBANDA