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Volume 20, No 5 (2022)

Table of Contents

The Effect of some Parameters of Solar Wind on Thunderstorms in Iraq

Anfal Ahmed Mohammed1a, Imad Ahmed Hussain2b*


A study of the properties of SnO2 and their improvement by doping with ZnO

Naima Ahmed Aswad Al-Obaidi1, Asst. Prof. Dr. HananRedhaAbid Ali 2


Study of Inelastic Coulomb Form Factors in 16O using the Radial Wave Functions of Transformed Harmonic-Oscillator

Hasan F. Ojaim and Arkan R. Ridha


Effectiveness of Self-Regulation Fluid Program on Patients with Hemodialysis Self- Efficacy for Fluid Adherence in Al-Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital

Alaa Hamza Hermis, M.Sc.N* Rajaa Ibrahim Abed, PhD**


Preparation and Study of Thermal, Optical and Electrical Properties of (PVA-CdCl2.H2O) Composite Films

Akraam M.Sabbarand Sabah A. Salman


Designing inorganic-organic nanofibers nanocomposite for Supercapacitor Applications

Omar A. Hussein1*, T. H. Mubarak2, Isam M. Ibrahim 3


Enhancement sensitivity against UV irradiation by inserting Cupric Sulfide Inside Electrospun PVP Nanofibers

Ammar A.Muhammad1*,Isam M. Ibrahim2


Molecular study of some genera of the Myrtaceae using Comparative nucleotide sequencing of the genetic region

Ulla Rabahand Aseel K. Al-anbari


The effects of smartphone radiation and its disturbance on human health

AnsamQassim Gadhban1, Dler Khalid Ismael2,FezaaShalal Neda3,Bassam Mohammed Yaseen4


Structural and magnetic characteristics of Nanoferrites and their use in photocatalytic activity of Methylene Blue

Ahmed M. Hammed1, a* and Zainab Raheem Muslim2, b