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Volume 20, No 1 (2022)

Table of Contents

Nanoparticles Impression on Creatine Kinase Activity

Taghreed H Al-Sadoon


Modifications of Hydroxyapatite by Gallium Ion as a Coating on Dental Ti6Al4V for Corrosion Protection

Muneam Hussein Ali and Zuhair I. Al Mashhadani


Studying of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Polyester Composite Reinforced by Cows and Buffalo Horns

Ali O. Radam, Adil I. Khadim and Zainab S. Abdul-Ridha


Preparation and Investigated Third Order Optical Nonlinearities of Schiff bases by Using the Z-Scan

Bashair S. Mahdi


Assessment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Severity by Ultrasound and Electrodiagnosis Study

Mohammed Kadhom Awajel, Abdullnasir Hussin and Mohammed Ab-Khudhur


Conformity and Homogeneity Indices for Brain Cancer Patients Using 3DCRT Technique

Dler Khalid Ismael, Fezaa Shalal Neda, Ansam Qassim Gadhban and Wasif O. Khatab Alobaidi


Ratio and Temperature Dependence of Dielectric Properties and AC Conductivity of Polyvinyl Alcohol / Iraqi Eggshell Composites

Hani M Hussien


Technological Characteristics of Vanadyl Sulfate – Porous Silicon Heterojunction

Faiza M. Salim


Synthesis, Characterization of New Azo-Schiff Ligand Type N2O2 and Metal Complexes with Di Valance Nickel, Palladium and Tetra Valance Platinum

Shatha Abd Alameer Jawad and Ibtihal Kadhim Kareem


Preparation, Characterization of Some Metal Complexes of New Mixed Ligands Derived from 5-Methyl Imidazole and Study the Biological Activity of Palladium (II) Complex as Anticance

Widad I. Yahya, Tariq H. Mgheed and Afaq Jaber Kadhium