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Volume 19, No 11 (2021)

Table of Contents

Calculate Effective Atomic Number, Mass and Cross-Section Attenuation Coefficients for Nonanoic Acid by Using Gamma-Ray Sources

Ali Adil Turki Aldalawi, Mohammed Yahya Hadi and Rawaa A. Hameed


Evaluation of Gross Alpha and Beta Activity Concentrations and Annual Effective Dose in Drinking Waters of Misan Province-Iraq Using Low Background Gas Flow Proportional Counter (LB- 4110)

Sawsan Sh. Fleifil and Zahraa A. Ismail AL-Sudani


Hydrodynamics and Warmth Trade in Cycles of Cooling of an Attractive Plate in an Attractive Fluid in the Attractive Field

S.A.A. Alsaati, Qasim Shakir Kadhim, Maher Hassan Rashid and Tuqa Mohammed Jawad Abd UlKadhim


New Developments in the Formation of Nanocomposites between Starch and Clay

Manar Ghyath Abd-Almutalib Al-Mosawy and Zeyad Kadhim Oleiwi


Effect of Nonlinear Dispersion Fiber Length and Input Power on Raman Scattering

Suha Mousa Khorsheed Alawsi, Noor Mohammed Hassan and Intehaa Abdullah Mohammed Al-Juboury


Synthesis and Study the Properties of a Solar Cell of Gold Nanoparticles Prepared in a Simple Chemical Way

Maithm A. Obaid, Suha A Fadaam and Osama S. Hashim


Syntheses, and Characterization of Complexes Containing Beta-lactam Group with some Transitional Elements and Study their Biological Activity

N. Ghufran Kareem and Mohammed Hamid Said


Triazole-Anil and Triazol-Azo Reagents (Creation, Spectral Categorization, Scanning Microscopy, Thermal Analysis)

Aymen Abdul Rasool Jawad and Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali


Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Using Plant Source and Study their Properties

Athraa Mohamed Rashed and Abdulqadier Hussien Al Khazraji


Investigate and Calculation Electron Transfer Rate Constant in the N749 Sensitized Dye Contact to ZnSe Semiconductor

Mohammed Kamilharmoosh, Mohsin A. Hassooni and Hadi J.M. Al-Agealy