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Volume 19, No 9 (2021)

Table of Contents

Study the Effect of Doping Ratios the n-type Silicon SWCNTm / PLA on Solar Cell Efficiency

Maan Abd-Alameer Salih, Q.S. Kareem and Mohammed Hadi Shinen


Investigating Radioactive Content in Various Commercially available Flour Samples in Local Iraqi Markets

Abdalsattar Kareem Hashim, Abbas Rashid Al-Ghanimi, Sanaa Mohammed Ridha Hasan, Tamara Ali Naser and Ahmed Jumaah Mhawes


Biochemical Aspects in Sera of Iraqi Patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia

Abbas Abed Radam and Dr. Rasha Zuhair Jasim


Prevalence of Lice Parasite, Menopon Gallinae, in Local Chickens in Samarra

Aysar Salih Mohammed and Marwa Jasim Mohammad


The Effect of Atmospheric Drag Force on the Elements of Low Earth Orbital Satellites at Minimum Solar Activity

Najlaa Ozaar Hasan, Wafaa Hasan Ali Zaki and Ahmed Kader Izzet


Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Punica Granatum Peel Extract and their Biological Activity on different Pathogenic Bacteria

Hussein H. Al-Turnachy, Fadhilk.alibraheemi, Ahmed Abd Alreda Madhloom, Zahraa Yosif Motaweq and Nibras Yahya Abdulla


Synthesis, Characterization and Adsorption Studies of a Graphene Oxide/Polyacrylic Acid Nanocomposite Hydrogel

Makarim A. Mahdi, Aseel M. Aljeboree, Layth S. Jasim, Ayad F. Alkaim4


The Copolymers and their Effect on the Rheological Properties of Sulfureted Asphalt

Mohammed Ahmad Alwan, Ammar Ahmed Hamdoon and Nabeel Jamal Ayed


Measuring the Thermal De-Broglie Wavelength in Laser-produced Plasma of different Samples of Writing Inks Elements Using LIBS Spectroscopy

Mohammed Abdullah Jasim, Dr. Sami Abd Al-Hussein Hatif and Dr. Alaa Hussein Ali


Calculation of the Coupling Coefficient of Electrons in Laser Induced Plasma for Samples of Writing Ink Elements Using LIBS Technique

Mohammed Abdullah Jasim, Sami Abd Al-Hussein Hatif and Alaa Hussein Ali