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Volume 19, No 6 (2021)

Table of Contents

The Debye Method is Used to Create 3D Structure Models of Electroactively Transformed Microcrystalline Cellulose

Ali M. Ahmed, Qasim Shakir Kadhim and Ibrahim A. Ali


Study of Walnut Oil Supplementation on Serum Biochemical Parameters and Histopathology of Male Rats

Mohammed Zuheir Hassan, Mohammed Jaffer AL-Anssari, Hayder Hasan Rajab, Ali Abbas Abo Ajon, Ashraf Raoof Mohammed Ali and Hussein Raof Al-Ghazali


Evaluation of Fractalkine and Migration Inhibitory in the Patient with Atherosclerosis

Huda W.A. AL-Nazal, Ali M.A. Al-Kufaishi and Khalid M. Dakhel


Serum Level Determination of Some Immunological Parameters and STAT Genes in Pediatrics SLE Patients Compared to Healthy Control

Mohammed Abed Jawad Kadhum, Izzat Abdul Satar Al-rayahi and Usama Slaman Abd-Razzaq Altimari


Effect Magneto – Optic on Ferromagnetic Nanoparticle Polymer Composite Films

Zaid A. Hasan


The Role of Trace Elements in Retinal Diseases

Huda H. Hassan, Eham Amer Ali and Alea Farhan Salman


Treatment of Aqueous Solutions of Lipophilic Cationic Dye Using Activated Carbon and Ferrous Oxide Synthesized Nanoparticles

Ahmed Qasim Ubaid, Nadia Mohammed Majeed, Ahmed Mohammed Ali Savore and Mohammed Jawad Salih Al-Haidarey


Study the Effect of Using LPG in the Spark Ignition Engine Instead of Gasoline

Ali Mohammed Hayder and Ahmed Hasan Tawfeeq


Oral Health Status in Autism Patients Children in Iraq

Raghad R. Al-Zaidi


Further Analysis on Characteristic of Diabetic Reinopathy - A Case in Thai Binh Province in Vietnam

Vu Thanh Binh, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy and Le Dinh Tuan