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Volume 19, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents

Contribution of Cases of Extraordinary Healings to Consciousness Studies

James Paul Pandarakalam


Calculation of Radiation Nuclei Concentrations in Fertilized and Unfertilized Plants Samples Using Gamma Spectroscopy

Adawiya M. ALwan, Auday T. Al-Bayati, Khalid H. Mahdi and Hazim L. Mansour


Autism Spectrum Disorder Identification Using Polynomial Distribution based Convolutional Neural Network

G. Nagarajan, Dr.A. Mahabub Basha and R. Poornima


Removal of Heavy Metals by Using Chitosan/ Poly (Acryl Amide-Acrylic Acid) Hydrogels: Characterization and Kinetic Study

Layth S. Jasim and Aseel M. Aljeboree


Effect of Copper Content Addition to Dental Amalgam Properties

Mohammed O. Kadhim, Wisam A. Latif, Fayq Hsan Jabbar and Sura T. Nassir


XRD and Microscopic Images for Synthesis Graphite Nanoparticles by Oxidation Method

Firas H. Abdulrazzak, Rawnaq B. Jimaa, Israa M. Radhi and Takialdin A. Himdan


Statistical Treatment of the Gamma-Ray Spectrum Using the Language Programming R

Inaam H. Khadim and Khalid Hussain Hatif


Study and Investigation of Hard Photons Emission in Heavy Ion Collisions

Taghreed A. Younis and Hadi J.M. Al-Agealy


Classification of Breast Cancer Using a Hybrid and Enhanced Recurrent Residual Convolutional Neural Network (ERResCNN)

S. Prakash and K. Sangeetha


Surface Hardness Modify and Improve Wear Properties of EP\ NanoZrO2

Fadhil K. Farhan, Aws Abbas Hussein, Ali Q. Tuama