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Volume 18, No 5 (2020)

Table of Contents

Desertification Monitoring in the South-West of Iraqi Using Fuzzy Inference System

H.M. Abduljabbar, A.J. Hatem, A.A. Al-Jasim


Development Performance of Thermocatalytic Gas Sensors for Control of Incendiary Gases

Zaman Hameed Kareem, Dr. Duaa Adil Uamran, Hayder Ridha Ali, Ruwaidah Kareem Abdulmunem


The Effect of Re-Use of Lossy JPEG Compression Algorithm on the Quality of Satellite Image

Inbthaq MA Abdul Ameer, Hameed M Abduljabbar


Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Estimation of Rayleigh with Partly Interval-Censored Case-I Data

Wisam Kamil Ghafil, Tahani Jabbar Khraibet, Alyaa Athab Alwan


Effect of Lasing Energy on Optical and Structural Properties of (ZnS) Nanostructured Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications

Wasan M. Mohamed, Nahida B Hasan


Effect of Alumina Contents on the Some Mechanical Properties of Alumina (Al2O3) Reinforced Polymer Composites

Ahmed Jadah Farhan, Wasan Ali Hussein


General Model to Find Shadow Length for different Objects

Nedaa M. Salman, Ali A. AL-Zuky, Haidar J. Mohamad, Anwar H. Al-Saleh


Finite Elements Analysis of Laser Cutting Process

Nawfel Muhammed Baqer Muhsin, Noor H. Dhaher


Influence MgO Dopant on Structural and Optical Properties of Nanostructured CuO Thin Films

Manal Dakhil Sakhil, Zina Mahmood Shaban, Khansaa Saleem Sharba, Nadir Fadhil Habub, Khalid Haneen Abass, Sami Salman Chiad, Akeel Shakir Alkelaby


Simulation of Active Medium Emission Cross Section Influence on Passive Q-switching Laser Pulse Characteristics

Abdullh Saiwan Majli, Abdul-Kareem Mahdi Salih