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Volume 8, No 4 (2010)

Table of Contents

On the Possibility That We Think in a Quantum Probabilistic Manner

Elio Conte


NeuroTheology and Its Convergence with NeuroQuantology

Michael A. Persinger, Paula L. Corradini, Alexandra L. Clement, Colleen C. Keaney, Mason L. MacDonald, Leah I. Meltz, Nirosha J. Murugan, Maxime R. Poirier, Kory A. Punkkinen, Melissa C. Rossini, Samantha E. Thompson


The Harribance Effect as Pervasive Out-of-Body Experiences: NeuroQuantal Evidence with More Precise Measurements

Michael A. Persinger


Experimental Elicitation of an Out of Body Experience and Concomitant Cross-Hemispheric Electroencephalographic Coherence

Michael A. Persinger, Kevin S. Saroka, Bryce P. Mulligan, Todd R. Murphy


The Neurobiology, Genetics and Evolution of Human Spirituality: The Central Role of the Temporal Lobes

David E. Comings


The Role of Religious and Mystic Experiences In Human Evolution: A Corollary Hypothesis for NeuroTheology

Todd R. Murphy


Sonic Patterns, Spirituality and Brain Function: The Sound Component of Neurotheology

Donald R. Hill, Kevin S. Saroka


Neuromagnetic effects on Anomalous Cognitive Experiences: A Critical Appraisal of the Evidence for Induced Sensed-presence and Haunt-type Experiences

Jason J. Braithwaite


Methodological Principles for Research in Neurotheology: Practical and Philosophical Implications

Andrew Newberg


Collapse of the Wave Function? Pre-Stimuli Heart Rate Differences

Antonella Vannini, Ulisse Di Corpo