Vol 3, No 1 (2005)

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Editorial NQ
Consciousness and Teleportation. 6th Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics+Aesthetics, Lucerne, Switzerland, January 22–23 PDF
John F. Barber

Invited Article

Quantum Psyche: Quantum Field Theory of the Human Psyche PDF
Belal E. Baaquie, François Martin

Opinion and Perspectives

What Would It “Be Like” to Solve the “Hard Problem.” Cognition, Consciousness, and Qualia-Zombies PDF
Greg P. Hodes
Cholinesterases and Unified Neurophysics PDF
Sven Axelsson

Book Review

Brain and Being. At the boundary between science, philosophy, language and arts PDF
Gordon Globus

NQ Image

"BRAIN" in the Ancient Egypt PDF
Editorial NQ

Letter to the Editor

The Origin of Matter and How 3+1 Space-Time Came to be? PDF
Peter Marcer


Selected Abstract from NeuroQuantology Literature PDF
Editorial NQ

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