Vol 16, No 12 (2018)

Table of Contents


Differential Change in Depressive Symptoms during Psychotherapy and Medication in Clinical Care PDF
Jian Li, Jie Zhang, Hua Yang, Ning Zhang, YaLin Zhang, Kathi L Heffner, Chun Wang
Neural Correlation of Maturity and Perceptual Decision Making: An Event Related Potential Evidence, Time-Frequency and Measure Projection Analysis PDF
Ahmed Fadhil Almurshedi, Abd Khamim Ismail
Gravity and Biology: The Ghost in the Machine Is the Dynamics of Spacetime Geometry and Its Interaction with Matter PDF
Jose Maria Farias
A Neurolinguistic Investigation of Emotional Prosody and Verbal Components of Speech PDF
Ali Rıza Sonkaya, Zeynep Zeliha Bayazit

Basics of Neuroscience

A Voxel-Based Morphometric Brain Study of Patients with Methamphetamine Dependency: A Case Controlled Study PDF
Vahid Farnia, Firoozeh Farshchian, Nazanin Farshchian, Mostafa alikhani, Ramin Pormehr, Sanobar Golshani, Safora Salemi

Systems Neuroscience

Emotional Profile and Empolyment of Patients with Epilepsy PDF
Suljo Kunić, Omer Ć. Ibrahimagić, Zoran Vujković, Vlado Đajic, Dževdet Smajlović, Mitra Mirković-Hajdukov, Amela Kunić, Leila Avdić, Emir Tupković

Neuropsychology and Mental Health

Determining the Internal and External Reliability of Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales (DASS-21) in Assessing Psychological Symptoms Among Patients with Tinnitus PDF
Wan Suhailah Wan Husain, Azizah Othman, Nik Adilah Nik Othman, Wan Najibah Wan Mohamad, Mohd Normani Zakaria

Behavioural Neuroscience

Psychological Space-Time Reinforcement Sensitivity : A Possibly Missing Link in Eysenck’s And Gray’s Personality Theories PDF
Hansali Mebarki Meriama
A Review in Modification Food-Intake Behavior by Brain Stimulation: Excess Weight Cases PDF
Mohammed Isam Alhiyali, Asnor Juraiza Bt. Ishak, Siti Anom Bt. Ahmad, Hafiz Rashidi Harun Ramli, Wan Aliaa Wan Sulaiman

Philosophy of Consciousness and Mind

The Quantum Consciousness Model and The Theology of The Urantia Book PDF
Raul Valverde
The Meaning and Significance of Dispute on Objectless Presentations
Vladimir Seliverstov

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