Vol 15, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


A Look at the Future and an Open Call for Scientific Community Full Text PDF
Sultan Tarlacı


A Quantum Brain Version of the Quantum Bayesian Solution to the Measurement Problem Full Text PDF
Gordon Globus
Quantum-Assisted Process of Disembody Under Near-Death Conditions: An Informational-Field Support Model Full Text PDF
Florin Gaiseanu
Are Water Temperature Anomalies Conjugated to Brain Functions in Microtubules? Full Text PDF
Mariusz Pietruszka, Marcin Lipowczan
Quantum Neural Machine Learning: Backpropagation and Dynamics Full Text PDF
Carlos Pedro Gonçalves
Quantum Biology: Unit Membrane Reduces Entropy Due To Wave Particle Duality Full Text PDF
Horst Josef Koch
Quantum Holography and Agency: Toward a Formalism of Schema QD Full Text PDF
Dagan Milovanovic, Zoltan Batiz
A Field RNG Experiment: Use of a Digital RNG at Movie Theaters Full Text PDF
Takeshi Shimizu, Kitaro Yamamoto, Masato Ishikawa

Opinion and Perspectives

Mind and Machine: Interdisciplinarity Full Text PDF
Daegene Song
Notes on Information and Choices Full Text PDF
Daegene Song
A Novel Subject-Object Model of Consciousness Full Text PDF
J. Shashi Kiran Reddy

Basics of Neuroscience

Minimal Neural Recruitment from Stevens Coding and Fechner Decoding in the Brain Full Text PDF
Rajat Kumar Pradhan

Invited Article

A Bio-Electrical Tornado in The Hippocampus: Mechanisms of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Full Text PDF
Umit H Sayin

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