DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.4.988

Isoqualitative Gauge Curvature at Multiple Scales: A Response to the Agnosticism of Quantum Cognitivism and Quantum Interaction

Donald Mender


Potential dualism lurks behind the metaphysical agnosticism of quantum cognitive and quantum interactionist models. This paper identifies and addresses two possible sources of such dualism: a) the theoretical distinction between canonically conjugate and other sets of observables, and b) the empirical issue of in vivo thermal decoherence threatening the integrity of any neural wavefunctions associated with quantum cognition. An isoqualitative distortion gauge structured like the q-boson has been proposed in previously published work by the author to address source a) and is now reviewed. A new construct, quantum auto-tunneling, analogous to the well established classical notion of autocatalysis, is introduced in order to engage problematic aspects of source b).


agnosticism; autocatalysis; decoherence; Fourier duality; fractal; Hard Problem; isoqualitative; photosynthesis; psychophysics; qualia; quantum cognition; quantum interaction; tunneling

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