DOI: 10.14704/nq.2014.12.2.726

Consciousness – Brain Gene Behavioral Psychology by Using Quantum Dots for DNA Sequences and for a Single DNA Sequence

Alamandha Madhan Kumar, Acharya Bal Krishna, Sadhana Singh, Gowdara Paran Gowda


Psychological / philosophical terms such as soul, self, Atman, ego, mind, consciousness are randomly used without clear cut meanings and definitions in philosophy and psychology. In this paper, we have scientifically interpreted and arrived at possible meanings and definitions for consciousness in terms of quantum dots which could be applied in interpreting the biological DNA base pair sequences and for DNA individual molecules. A theoretical detection of cognitive behavior of mind is attempted with individual molecules of DNA and with that of DNA base pairs. A rule governing the DNA base pairs with that of DNA single molecule is stated in the form of DNA theorem as “If left hemisphere of the brain is equal to DNA sequence information hemisphere and right hemisphere is equal to the individual DNA sequence hemisphere then it may be proved that the distinct part of Ramanujan numbers represent base pair DNA hemisphere and odd part of Ramanujan numbers represent the other non-base pair DNA individual molecules hemisphere are equal”. This theorem has multiple applications in tackling the social and health issues. It is possible to detect cognitive behavior of mind with quantum dots that bind to sequences of DNA which are associated with the individual DNA which shows cognitive behavior. If quantum dots are stimulated with light, they emit their unique bar codes making the critical consciousness associated DNA sequences visible and explain the personality development. And also, using number theory, consciousness may be defined as a line of essential singularity lying in a circle of brain having radius unity with an origin at zero point. This paper will not only has applications in tackling health and social issues but will also start a new chapter in bringing psychology nearer to the door steps of neurological sciences.


consciousness; DNA sequence; quantum dots; DNA individual sequence; DNA theorem

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