DOI: 10.14704/nq.2005.3.2.65

Consciousness Model: Significance of Thought-Carrying Particles and Thought-Retaining Particles in Quantum Measurement as well as Cognitive Problem

Arun Uday De, Dhananjay Pal


The thought force a manifestation of universal consciousness, has been shown to be carried by thought-carrying particle in the inherent presence of thought retaining particle in a previous communication (Pal et al., 2004). The thought force (TF) is the origin of all the existing fields. While TCP is the origin of all the field particles (bosons), TRP is the origin of all the matter particles (fermions). TCP cannot exist without TRP and vice versa. Both TCP and TRP are interchangeable at supersymmetry having the same energy level. In ‘supersymmetry’, these TCP and TRP are inter-convertible to carry and retain a specific "thought" and also for its communication from one person to another. The human nervous system is evolved to provide an appropriate material structure to individualize consciousness, a characteristic of reality, pervading all manifestations. TCP and TRP are assumed here to be the ultimate constituents of matter as well as mind, an infinitesimal part of the universal mind (UM). These conceptual TCP/TRP can address many present day scientific enigmas some of which are detailed below.


void; universal mind; thought force; though-carrying particles; thought retaining particles; quantized universal consciousness energy; space-time continuum; universe wide web

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