DOI: 10.14704/nq.2005.3.1.59

Cholinesterases and Unified Neurophysics

Sven Axelsson


The enigmatic diseases of the ‘Mad Cow’ type (BSE) were approached from the fundamental level of ethereal particle spin (chirality). A revised definition of chirality then gave a logical explanation for structure and function in both physics and biology. Cholinesterases (ChEs) appeared to govern stereo-chemical hydrodynamics by the release of free protons to activate hem-transported molecular oxygen. Oxidation will increase stability of bio-molecules and recycle hydrogen to water. Biology stands for the only break in universal symmetry (parity violation) by its ChE-oxidative hydrodynamics and explains the matter-antimatter issue. In the brain, basic physical events will be inhibited, delayed or converted by ChE’s hydrodynamic autonomy, which basically equals continuous inflammation. The pathophysiology in a lot of neurological diseases of the Bowine Spongioform Encephalitis -scrapie- Alzheimer’s disease - Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease type in cattle, sheep and man, like the relentless process of aging by long-term oxidative effects was elucidated by the present short glimpses into physics.


Acetylcholinesterases, oxidative hydrodynamics, biological chiral asymmetry, inflammation, grand unification, mind adaptations

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