DOI: 10.14704/nq.2011.9.1.383

Extrasensory Perception As a Natural, But Not Supernatural Phenomenon

Alexander Ya Temkin


In the present article the results of observations are considered 1) of a person A by another person B and 2) by himself when he is in such a state that he is not able to determine his place in space and time (we call such a state meditation state). It was shown that results of these two kinds of measurements are complementary reciprocally, if to express it in quantum terms. This consideration shows how a person in the meditation state can obtain information on the past and the future, as well as on places being at the large, even big distances (e. g., even in other Galaxy), while from the point of view of the person B he, A, did not change his place in space-time. It is important that among the information obtained A being in the meditation state is the one on somebody thinking, i. e., A in the meditation state is able to the telepathy with other human being in other places of space-time. It is clarified that the telepathic information is trasferred in space and time by human wave de-Broglie, but not by any radiation. It is very important because the propagation velocity of De-Broglie waves is not limited by the light velocity, and can reach any point of the Universe in zero time. It can be important for space researche and communications between space crafts. However, communications using human De-Broglie waves, for example, telepathy, are not reliable (exactly, much less reliable than ordinary electromagnetic communications, e. g., the radio ones): a message may be lost partially or completely, may be distorded. It would be interesting to study this problem in detail. The concept of observer is introduced and studied in the connection with the human thinking. Our approach allows one to define the concept of soul, personality in mathematical terms, and to introduce the notion of states of mind.


ESP; extrasensory perception; de Broglie wave; quantum mechanics

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