DOI: 10.14704/nq.2010.8.3.294

Abstractions of Emergence in Electromagnetic Complex Spaces

Antonio Manzalini


This paper starts elaborating on the possibility that reality, in all its forms, from free space to energy and to matter, emerges from an omni-pervasive electromagnetic field. Moreover, given that living organisms have peculiar electromagnetic properties, paper argues that is also possible that the origin of life itself has been based on a special self-organization of electromagnetic fields. If we push this metaphor even further, starting from the electromagnetic theory of consciousness, even the modeling of human cognition, such as conscious and unconscious information processing, can be still based on electromagnetism. Reality is a continuum from free space to energy, from matter to living organisms pervaded by electromagnetic field of waves and superposing wavelets: this continuum can be abstracted, at lower and lower levels (up to the Plank scale) in terms of a three-dimensional electrical lattice whose elementary cells are sort of transmission junctions, characterized by local permittivity and permeability values. Thus reality emerges as organization of Electromagnetic Complex Spaces. Meta-material, showing amazing analogies between electromagnetic properties and relativistic space-time dynamics, and modeled in terms of transmission line networks, could be considered as a laboratory (up to the nano-scale) where to develop and test experimentally such ideas. Theoretical results and experiments demonstrating the Electromagnetic Complex Space may have far reaching implications in several scientific and techno economical fields.


quantum physics; cognitive neuroscience; electromagnetism

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