DOI: 10.14704/nq.2008.6.3.181

Mind Uploading and Resurrection of Human Consciousness. Place for Science?

Vadim Astakhov


Brain trauma often affects memories, perceptions and many other cognitive functions which all together form human mind. Modern medicine tries to provide technologies which can heal damaged brain and recover stream of consciousness. In this paper, I performed simulation experiment to analyze hypothetical process of mind recovery through uploading to an artificial environment. Neuroprosthesis, brain-computer interface or brain transplant might be the candidates for such migration. A term- “Mind uploading” was introduced to define process where core vital functions migrate from the human brain to an artificial environment. To simulate the process, I suggest a topological approach which is based on a formalism of information geometry. Geometrical formalism let me simulate a simple toy mind as geometrical structures. Also, it gives powerful geometrical and topological methods for analysis of the information flows in arbitrary complex system. The approach leads me to insight of using holographic analogy for the mind migration to an artificial environment. The concept of holography is well known in optics where localized 3D shape can be recorded and later reconstructed by 2D dimensional hologram. I am using that analogy to represents the toy mind functions as a geometrical shape on information manifold. Distributed holographic representation can be created for such shape. Then holographic reconstruction process provides an algorithm to reconstruct original system. Thus the migration from original to an artificial environment and back can be seen as a holography on information manifold. Interactions between brain and an artificial environment are modeled as an entropy flow which is defined as a geometrical flow on information manifold. Such flow is an analogy of holography recording for the toy mind. The opposite process of holography reconstruction is modeled by none-local Hamiltonians defined on information manifold. The simulated process illustrate a way to restore stream of consciousness which is lost due to brain damage, degeneration or decay. At the same, the simulation demonstrated that certain physical limitations will constraint such migration.


Brain prosthesis; Mind uploading, resurrection, consciousness, information geometry, topology, holography, geometrical flow

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