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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.15.NQ88006

Validity and Reliability of Arabic-language Version of MedRisk Questionnaire in Assessing Patient Satisfaction with Physiotherapy Services for Low Back Pain

Ahmed S. Ali; PhD, Nahed A. Salem; PhD, Amr Hassan; MD, Badr M. Abd Alrazek Khalel; MSc, Nabil Mahmoud Abdel-Aal; PhD, Ahmed M ElMelhat; PhD, Sara M. Ahmed; PhD, Ibrahim Mohamed Hamoda; PhD


Background: One measure of care quality is a patient's level of satisfaction with their treatment. Maintaining a focus on patient satisfaction as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of physiotherapy is important. Providers of healthcare and researchers in the field of health services continue to place an emphasis on learning more about how to improve the quality of care they offer for their patients. Patients’ expectations of receiving good value for their time, money, and effort while receiving medical care are equally essential. Aim: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the Arabic translation of the MedRisk questionnaire with regard to its face & content validity, factor analysis, feasibility, internal consistency reproducibility, as well as test-retest reliability. Subjects: 300 individuals, from both genders, aged from 18 to 60, all having LBP (mechanical or discogenic) were enrolled.


Validity, Reliability, Arabic version of MedRisk questionnaire, Patient satisfaction, Physical therapy services, Low back pain.

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