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DOI: 10.4704/nq.2022.20.14.NQ88007

The Hemoglobin And Fasting Blood Glucose As Predictors Of Sarcopenia In Elderly

Maria Regina Rachmawati, Magdalena Wartono, Dian Mediana


Examination of simple predictor on sarcopenia necessary for prevent the chronic diseases. Anemia and diabetes have higher incidence in elderly. Aim of this study was to evaluate whether hemoglobin (Hb) and fasting blood glucose (FBG) could be as the predictors of sarcopenia. Study design was cross sectional. Physical performance obtained by assessing skeletal muscle mass index (SMI), hand grip (HG), and gait speed (GS). Normal values of SMI, HG, GS in both men and women by Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia. Physical activity evaluated by Physical activity scale for the elderly (PASE). There were 93 (44.5%) men (M) and 116 (55.5%) women (W). The mean of age was 69 (±7.5). Score of PASE were 49 (16-542) in M and 52 (17-874) in W. The value of SMI, HG, GS both M and W were 8.4 (5-15) and 6.9 (4.9-11) Kg/M2, 24 (9-40) and 15.7 (2.5-31) Kg, 1.4 (0.5-2.7) and 1.2 (0.3-2.4) M/S. While the level of Hb and FBG both M and W were 13.4 (6.4-17.3) and 12.5 (8-15.3) g/dL, 113.5 (65-255) and 111.7 (67-279) mg/dL. Statistic test by the regression ANOVA was obtained that Hb levels has effect to SMI (p =0.01, R2=0.05, C=0.2), as well as to HG (p<0.001, R2 =0.08, C=1.5), and GS (p=0.04, R2 =0.04, C=0.06). While FBG levels has no effect to SMI (p=0.238), GS (p=1.78), and HG (p=0.17). Subjects were severe inactive, but almost all physical performance were normal except the women HG. Hb levels can be as a predictor of sarcopenia in elderly.


sarcopenia predictors, Hemoglobin, Fasting blood glucose, physical activity, elderly

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