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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ22986

Neuro-Reality of Immortality in Science Fiction: Envisions and Reality of Altered Carbon

Dr.Saranya R, Dr.Vijayashanthi A, Dr. L. Suresh


Literature recreatesand reflects life. The inseparable combination of Science Fiction is scientific verisimilitude, reality and future.Retro futurism, ‘the future of the past’ anticipates the empowering and devastating outcomes of technology. Science fiction novels, the mere offspring of the notion, reflectinsightful plots on how people engage technology with cultural valuations in the contemporary social contexts and its future implications. The paper focuses on Neuro reality of immortality in science fiction with reference to Richard K Morgan’s Altered Carbon. Employing Actantialmodel, the action that takes place in Altered Carboncould be mapped withthe reality of immortality in neuro-science. Moreover, investigation of the predicted realities and the possible future with reference to earlier evidences evokereality conditions become the subject matter of research.


Neuroscience, Immortality, Neuro-reality, Science fiction, Dystopia, Predictions.

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