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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66339

Outcome of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange; One Year Single Center Experience

Sabry Abdel Rahman Tolba, (b) Doaa Mohammed Youssef (c) Nada Atif Abdallah


Background: Plasma exchange is a therapeutic procedure used to treat a wide variety of diseases through the bulk removal of plasma. Whereas the mechanism of action has been thought to be the removal of pathologic IgS, there is evidence suggesting an immune-modulatory effect. The objectives of this study were to assess the outcome of therapeutic plasma exchange in treating of several immunological and non-immunological diseases and evaluate the effectiveness of plasma exchange in management of different diseases. Methods: This is a descriptive study, carried out in a one year including patients who were treated using TPE; clinical data, number of sessions, volume of plasma exchanged, outcomes and complications were recorded and statistically analyzed. Results: Mean age of the studied cases at presentation was 9.43±3.6 with range of (3-14) years and mean weight was 35.5±12.1 with range of (12-58) kg. 36.1% of cases had GBS, 25% of cases had NS, 25% of cases had HUS, 5.6% of cases had SLE and 8.3% of cases had Amyloidosis. the mean TLC, mean HB, mean Platelets, mean urea, mean Creatinine, mean calcium, mean C3 and mean Fibrinogen findings of the studied cases. 75% of cases showed improvement after therapy, 16.7% didn't improve and 8.3% died. Number of sessions is <5 in 19.4% of cases, 5-10 in of 66.7% of cases and >10 in 13.9% of cases. Percent of haemorhage was 8.3% and percent of hypotension was 100% of cases. there is high significant relation between number of sessions and outcome. There is high significant relation between the disease and outcome. There is significant relation between complications and number of sessions. There is significant change of urea level, Hg, creatinine and platelets while there is no significant change in other lab findings. There is NO significant relation between complications and type of replacement fluid.


Therapeutic Plasma Exchange - Outcome

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